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Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, PG-13. 500 words, written in 100 word sections for the McShep Match drabble challenge.


The cave is freezing, but it doesn't help Rodney's fever. John divides his attention between watching the cave entrance and keeping Rodney calm.

“John, it’s unstable here. We have to get out,” Rodney pleads hoarsely.

“No, buddy, we’re fine,” John whispers back. “Solid rock. You need to keep quiet, okay?”

Rodney glances behind them, eyes huge. “I heard something move!” He tries to move past John, just as an energy bolt lances into the cave.

John throws himself against Rodney, shielding him as much as possible, Beretta aimed toward the entrance. “Shhh,” he murmurs, holding Rodney tight against the wall.


Rodney shakes in John’s arms - from fear or the fever, maybe both. He’s burning up, shirt damp with sweat, skin hot under John’s hand. “It’s okay buddy,” John breathes, eyes on the cave entrance. “Stay quiet for me.”

From outside there’s the sound of small rocks falling, dislodged from the narrow path. Someone’s close, for that to be audible in the cave.

John holds his breath. He’s only going to get one shot, and he can’t screw it up. He’d die for Rodney in a heartbeat, but that would leave Rodney defenseless.

Rodney moans, and the Wraith bursts into view.


John’s shot catches the Wraith right between the eyes. The impact carries it backward over the side of the mountain.

Rodney sags into John’s arms before the echo of the bullet even dies. He drops the Beretta and eases the limp body down.

Rodney’s not breathing, and his pulse fades to nothing under John’s fingertips. “Jesus!” he cries, ripping Rodney’s shirt open and slapping the radio in his ear. “Ronon, Teyla, I need help here!” At the same time he tilts Rodney’s head back to open his airway.

Teyla responds instantly. “We are very close, John. What is your status?”


“The Wraith is dead. Rodney’s in cardiac arrest.”

“Hang on,” Ronon grunts. John doesn’t answer; he’s already mouth-to-mouth with Rodney, giving him a lungful of air. A second breath, then thirty chest compressions, hard and fast.

Heart, air, heart, air, no pulse; heart, air, heart, air, no pulse; heart, air...

Teyla and Ronon throw themselves raggedly over the lip of the cave. Ronon takes over breathing for Rodney, John keeps pumping, and Teyla tears the medical pack open for a cardiac syringe.

“Now,” she orders. John and Ronon pull away, and Teyla plunges the needle into Rodney’s chest.


Rodney convulses as the drug hits his heart, chokes and coughs as his breathing reflex re-asserts itself. They roll him quickly onto his side in case of vomiting. He’s still gasping and trembling from the shock. Ronon shrugs out of his long leather coat and drapes it over Rodney.

John bends close, feeling like he might go into shock himself. He strokes Rodney’s face, whispering brokenly. “Rodney. God, Rodney.”

Teyla has a hand on Rodney’s wrist. “His pulse is very fast, but it seems strong,” she says. “John. We are here now. It is going to be all right.”

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This is the fic I wrote for McShep Match last summer - just realized I never posted it here. Now a slightly revised version. Go Team Work!!!

Through a Glass Darkly )
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I've just added two handbound journals to the auction at help_haiti, listed under Artistry. Go bid! :)

ETA: Okay, now I've figured out how to link to the thread with my exact listing. :)
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Title: five things that were in the cards, or, how love saved the pegasus galaxy

Pairing(s): mckay/sheppard; rating pg-13; spoilers through end of season 5. Written for the 2009 McShep Match Peace Team. Go Peace!!!

Summary: John wondered if there was a card for miraculously turn gay and fall in love with your best friend.

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I'm halfway through This Child Will Be Great, a political memoir by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the president of Liberia and the first woman head-of-state of an African country. More )


May. 30th, 2009 10:57 pm
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Do not use a magnet to clip a Netflix envelope to the side of your refrigerator until you're ready to watch the movie.

When the envelope is knocked askew, the dvd will slide out of the envelope and into the 1/8 inch space between the fridge and the cabinet, where you will be unable to retrieve it without committing to a complete kitchen remodel. You will see this out of the corner of your eye but be unable to catch the dvd in time. Also, the the onions you're sauteing will burn while you try to reach the dvd.
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I found this while browsing at the public library: the story of an African woman who was raised in France in the late 1700s. More )
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These were originally posted separately, the first on the LJ community Casa McShep and the sequels on my own LJ.

All three are John/Rodney and PG. Altogether they're about 1600 words. Warnings at the bottom.

Where the Heart Is )

Tomorrow )

Testament )
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Yay, here I am on Dreamwidth! This is where I plan to do most of my posting from now on.

I'm copying the SGA fic from my LJ without the comments, mostly because I want to do some editing on the stories I wrote last week and I sort of feel like I shouldn't make significant changes to something after people have commented on it. (At least, without markup to show the edits, which would utterly ruin the prose!)

I'm also going to post more broadly on things besides SGA. Up to now I've had two LJs, one for fandom and one for other interests; now I'm going to be wholistic.
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This was inspired, oddly, by [ profile] spuffyduds' hilarious Five Planets Atlantis is Never Contacting Again, or at Least If They Do, They're Sending Another Damn Team, Not John's. (Go read it!)

I don't have the gift of writing humor (this is h/c instead) but the other thing I admired about Five Planets... was that there was a story arc in the progression of the five things. I experimented with that here. Aaaaand I used a McSheplets prompt.

Spoilers for Doppelganger and The Shrine. PG.

Five Symptoms John Sheppard Isn't Used to Having )
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I was just about to post something new and I realized I never made a link to my McShep Match story! (Despite using the icon for months. The colors are nice with my page design...)

This was for the prompt "call of duty."

The Thought That Counts (McShep Match home team)
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A comment fic for [ profile] berlinghoff79's Inventory Day comment fest. My real reason for re-posting here is that I want to change a few words. Perfectionist? You could say that. *cringe*

Inventory ficlet )
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A bit of fluff for the McFleece challenge:

SGA Ficlet: Getting Warm )
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Goodness, I'm productive tonight. Here's another from the depths of my hard-drive. Maybe I'm finally connecting with my inner angst again? That would make me very happy!

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Wow, back in July I certainly didn't think it would be three months before I had time to post again! Since then I've been out of the country for two and a half weeks and had five sets of houseguests (!) and a killer sinus infection.

But I'm all better now and I finished a little story, hurray!

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McKay/Sheppard established relationship; PG; no spoilers I can think of.
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit.

For [ profile] semielliptical - Surprise!

Story )
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After seven years away from fandom, [ profile] semielliptical lured me back with DVDs of the first season of Stargate: Atlantis. It worked brilliantly! (At one point she used the word "mainlining" to describe my consumption of McKay/Sheppard stories. Not sure if she was worried or impressed.)

Since then I've been astonished by the incredible number of talented and brilliant people writing utterly wonderful stories in this fandom. Brava to you all. You are amazing.

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